my family

My family is a very very very busy family. I have a mom,  dad ,brother, cat ,dog ,. Here are some things we like to do. My mom loves to coke so she works at Radisson and cokes breakfast. My dad teaches onpremiership at western in Kalamazoo. My brother martin dose cross country ,saxophone, guitar,  and piano. Me ,Naya play piano ,guitar ,and soccer. My dog Peter Pan likes to go on walks and when it snows he likes to plays in the snow. He also likes to swim with me in the lake. Gus Gus likes to sleep and play with his toys and watch the birds out side. And thats what my family likes to do.

ride the duck

When I went to Missouri with my family we got to ride the duck. What is the duck, the duck is a type of car that can  go on water and on land. When we went on the person that was giving us a tour said that the duck was used a lot in world war 2. And he let my brother and I steer the duck. It was a lot of fun.:-) ♦✳♣


D.I is a fun activity. And you have a team. The peopel on my team were sagen, dominick ,evie, luaren, annabel,Cassidy, and and your team have to work together and make a structure and a play. And you have to incorporate your structure into your play. And this year we won third place. And that what D.I is.CAM02991CAM03163CAM03153CAM03005CAM02987CAM02981

fun at camp

When I go to camp each year I chose horseback riding. The horse I got this year was patches. Her name was patches because she had lots and lots and lots of patches on her.when I rode on her for a competition I got first place she was my favorite horse to have.


how my fish got his name

I got trooper when I was 9 years old. That first day I was takeing a nap in my room. Then I heard a big CRASH  I suddenly woke up and saw that troopers tank was on the ground. All the water  of troopers tank was on the floor.  I thought to myself that my cat did this. So I yelled to my brother. He came running down the hall to my room and said what’s wrong. I said our cat knocked down troopers tank. We started to look for trooper. It took us like 10 minutes till we found trooper I quickly filled up his tank  then put him in. And that’s how trooper got his name.:-)  ❇ 😉

what i do when i swim

When I go swimming I like to bring with me some floating toys. Such as a boogie board or some noodles. When my friends come over to swim we like to play games like tag and some times we like to do tricks in the water like back flips and front flips or hand stands. I also like to play with my dog. He loves it when I throw a stick for him and some times he likes to chase the swans. those are some thing I like to do in the water. 😀

me and my new room

This is me with my new splatter paint walls
This is me with my new splatter paint walls

When we got our new house I got to chose what ever thing I wanted to do to my bed room walls. I chose to put splatter paint on my walls. And on one wall a big big big chalk board. The way I did my splatter paint walls is that I chose the colors I wanted (  green , blue, purple, orange , and yellow) then I took a round sponge then filed it in the paint then I throwed it at then wall as hard as hard as I could then it made a big paint splatter. And the way I did my chalk board is that my dad and i got this type of paint that when when you paint it on and let it dry it tuns in to a chalk board.

What I Am Doing This Summer

This summer i will get to go to Texas with my dad. We will take a train to Chicago then fly out to Texas from Chicago. The next thing I will be doing is practicing on golf  with my dad. And coding with my dad.I will also be going to Disney world with my mom, dad, brother, my ant and me. Another fun thing I will be doing is drawing out a tree house for our back yard. And every Friday I will be mowing the lawn.and since we live on the lake I will be swimming a lot to.

Here is a link to the map showing the cities that I will be visiting during my trip:

Map of Texas Trip - July

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